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Living in the Detroit region provides a diverse set of unique communities that offer it all – from big city lights to the quiet countryside, and everything in between.

The region provides endless opportunities for working hard and playing harder, making it the perfect place to attend college, start a family, and build a career, all while experiencing everything that southeast Michigan has to offer. From a booming nightlife to art districts and outdoor activities, there is something for everyone and every lifestyle.

The region is home to several world-class museums including the , the , the , the , and the . It also provides top-tier concert halls and performance venues, including the , , the , the , and more. Detroit also offers four professional sports teams, including the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Tigers, and top college programs including the University of Michigan. Recreationally, the region has more public golf courses than any other state. It touches the Great Lakes and has many inland lakes and waterways for activities such as boating and fishing. Southeast Michigan also offers venues for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and a robust network of state and metro parks for outdoor recreation and nature enthusiasts.

Simply put, the Detroit region has a place and experience for everyone.

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