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Legislative Priorities

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2023 Legislative Priorities

Providing business a voice in government, the Detroit Regional Chamber continues to advocate for policy outcomes and emerging issues that are critical to the economy and impact its members across the business community. Working with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels of government, the Chamber is one of the most respected business organizations and chambers of commerce in the country. It supports policies that will drive economic growth and development throughout southeast Michigan. These priorities are critical as the state and country look to accelerate economic growth and build a better Michigan.

Business Climate Issues

  • Create a permanent funding mechanism and a strategic plan for the Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve fund.
  • Promote efficient and lean state government, competitive regulatory environment, and avoid budget-padding fees and fines.
  • Maintain healthy balances in the Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation system without increasing costs for employers.
  • Protect the Certificate of Need process.

Build for the Future

  • Increase workforce participation through the Earned Income Tax Credit and developing a benefits cliff strategy.
  • Increase transportation funding pie with more equitable distribution of funding.
  • Champion policies that modernize Michigan’s energy infrastructure and effectively meet the state’s carbon reduction goals.
  • Utilize current surplus funding to continue to support Michigan Achievement Scholarships while developing a long-term funding strategy.
  • Implement recommendations of Launch Michigan and Sixty by 30 to maintain Michigan’s best-in-class curriculum, promote literacy, and ensure accountability to develop and increase the talent pipeline.
  • Increase Michigan’s immigrant population to help increase its talent pipeline.
  • Expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include the LGBTQ community.
  • Grow the stock of attainable housing for working households across the region.
  • Develop initiatives to protect and grow Michigan’s defense industry.

Good Government

  • Create a Problem Solvers Caucus modeled after the Congressional Caucus.
  • Implement Proposal 1 by establishing meaningful reforms and reporting for ethical advocacy.
  • Support policies that expand Michigan voting access and efficiency.
  • Enact pre-trial criminal justice reforms allowing equal access to courts and continuity of employment.

Mobility and MICHauto

  • Invest additional state funding in public and Level 2 EV chargers.
  • Pass distracted driving legislation to reduce unnecessary injuries and deaths.
  • Support MICHauto’s High-Tech Talent Strategy and key partnerships with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.
  • Develop a Research and Development tax credit to increase high-tech economic activity in the mobility industry.
  • Support policies that increase the domestic supply chain, including securing raw materials access for battery development.
  • Increase EV adoption with public dollars via tax credits for residential usage and purchases for government use.

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Learn how the Chamber is advocating for business in Detroit and Southeast Michigan.
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