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The Detroit Regional Chamber has the most comprehensive education and talent portfolio in the region. Talent is an essential differentiator between prosperous regions and those that lag behind the competition.

Employers simply cannot compete without a steady talent pipeline that offers a highly skilled workforce and drives innovation. Under the strategic direction of its CEO Talent Council, led by Kelly’s Peter Quigley, and 22 CEOs from a range of industries, the Chamber is empowering employers to engage in shaping the Detroit region’s talent pipeline to meet 21st century needs and set the foundation for increased prosperity.

The Most Robust Talent Portfolio in the Region

The Detroit Regional Chamber has led the way in establishing the goal of increasing the region’s postsecondary education attainment to 60% by 2030, a benchmark since adopted by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for the entire state.

The Chamber’s education and talent strategy focuses on increasing access, ensuring success, and growing talent to provide opportunity to all residents throughout the region. The organization features unrivaled programming efforts — from administering the Detroit Promise Scholarship and Detroit Reconnect to initiatives like Detroit Drives Degrees — that are designed to prepare homegrown talent for the jobs of today and the future. These programs provide resources that directly support students in their postsecondary endeavors and also convening the region’s top leaders from business, education, philanthropy, and government to focus on reaching the 60% postsecondary attainment while cutting the equity gap in half. To meet these goals by 2030, the Chamber has rallied the Detroit Regional Talent Compact, a collective impact initiative bringing together business, philanthropy, government, and K-12 and higher education. The compact provides a vision of a Detroit region with systems, policies, and resources that allow every resident to access and succeed in postsecondary education, leading to careers that fill the region’s talent needs while allowing citizens to earn a family-sustaining wage and contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities.
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The Chamber has the most robust education and talent portfolio in the state.
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