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Nothing Boosts Your Business Like a Chamber Membership

The Detroit Regional Chamber is the leading organization focused on helping businesses grow in Southeast Michigan. The Chamber’s mission to power the economy for Southeast Michigan is carried out through its efforts to attract businesses and workers to the region while advocating for pro-business laws and regulations on behalf of its members. The Chamber is a resource for building stronger, sustainable businesses that fuel the region’s continued growth. Become a member and build a stronger business, connect with prospective clients and resources, reduce the cost of doing business, and be a part of a community of influencers.

Take this opportunity to increase the success and profitability of your business by joining the Detroit Regional Chamber today.

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Providing business a voice in government, the Detroit Regional Chamber continues to advocate for policy outcomes and emerging issues that are critical to the economy and impact its members across the business community. Learn about the Chamber’s 2023 legislative priorities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Chamber Membership

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Join the Chamber to expand your customer base while cutting costs.
Plug into best-in-class research, news, and events. Be heard in government. Become a member of the Detroit Regional Chamber. Learn How
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