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Chamber Efforts

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The ideal Detroit region is an equal and fair community where all people have the opportunity, resources, and tools needed to achieve their potential, and to lead healthy and fulfilling lives with rewarding work. This leads to a stronger economy and greater community well-being. To get there, each of us has the responsibility of advancing racial equity within our circles, workplaces, and communities. For years, the Detroit Regional Chamber has led programs and initiatives to make education more equitable for Detroiters, empower neighborhoods and entrepreneurs, advocate for fair and equal legislation and transportation options, and embrace the critical conversations on our stages with national thought leaders and local business, government, and civic leaders. .

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Progress Report

The Chamber’s ongoing work is rooted in a reflective focus on accountability as an organization and enduring committment to ensuring the region’s equitable future. View the progress report.

Racial Justice and Economic Equity Legislative Priorities

  • Policies, such as the earned income tax credit and education access programs, that achieve a rising income for all and a reduction in the ALICE rate.
  • Additional criminal justice reforms that pave the way for returning citizens back into society.
  • Policies that acknowledge and address health disparities, especially those exacerbated by the pandemic.
  • Policies to support small businesses – especially Black- and people of color-owned businesses – disproportionally impacted by the pandemic.
  • Reduce the racial equity gap in education outcomes by half.

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Where We Are Today

View the Chamber’s inventory of programs addressing equity .

Partners and Funders

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Learn how the Chamber is committed to racial justice and economic equity.
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