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Detroit Regional Dashboard

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The Detroit Regional Dashboard is a coordinated regional measurement tool that empowers and aligns nonprofits across key metrics. The Dashboard serves as a catalyst for strategic change and collective action, ensuring the Detroit region continues to move forward as a thriving and equitable community. The set of shared metrics tracks changes in critical economic and social outcomes – including equity measures – to identify roadblocks to development and increasing prosperity. Measuring changes in these areas that impact sustainable long-term growth and success will help increase economic competitiveness and quality of life. Published by the  and the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Dashboard was developed through a collaborative process with a variety of stakeholders and partners. Housing this data in one location is intended to make it easier for organizations to use shared information for making business, community, and policy recommendations.

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There are 39 regional metrics in the dashboard, each with an interactive visualization, grouped into one of the following categories: Key Metrics, Economic Growth, Business Climate, Talent, Education, Community, or Infrastructure. All the categories have at least one equity-related metric, which highlights disparities between race, ethnicity, and/or gender. The dashboard tracks changes between previous years and current data, along with being available for viewers to download.

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Interested in the economic and social progress from the past?
View past reports. 2020 Dashboard
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