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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by Pete


Welcome to Gaijin Densetsu!

Hello and welcome to Gaijin Densetsu!  Christian and I look forward to sharing our love of Japanese developed games and gaming in general with you.  As of right now, we hope to post a feature article every Wednesday and a weekly news round up every Saturday. We have a lot of exciting plans for this little site of ours so stick around and enjoy the ride.

You can read more about the team at Gaijin Densetsu right here.

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    yeeeeeesh.... seriously chinatown is one of the only places in NYC I don't actively hate. Not for much longer, it s…
    - Tuesday May 22 - 2:16am

    Nailed it!
    - Tuesday May 22 - 1:36am

    Well, they'll just have to band together to seize the means of production instead. Good job you idiots, you played…
    - Monday May 21 - 3:50pm

    another BF game and another missed opportunity to continue where 2142 left off. shame.
    - Monday May 21 - 2:32pm

    Well that was easy! Managed to get wedding Tharja on my 2nd summon.
    - Monday May 21 - 11:11am

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