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Published on August 2nd, 2015 | by Christian


Summer WonFes 2015 – Japanese Economic Stimulus

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!

It was like Christmas in goddamned July this Summer Wonder Festival.  I got figures I’ve been waiting for, hoping for, and never though would even happen getting announced, and all I can think about now is when I’m going to find the time to build another shelf, where I’m going to put it, and most importantly: what the hell am I going to do with all these goddamned boxes? Here’s the figs I’m looking forward to from Summer Wonfes 2015:

1) Alter – Murumasa: The Demon Blade – Yuzuruha 1/8 scale


Absolutely without a doubt the highlight of the announcements for me.  Here is a fig, based on a garage kit, that has been taunting fans of Murumasa for years now.  We got Momohime, we got Kongiku, but where in the goddamned hell is Yuzuruha?  Well here she is in all of her glory, perfectly capturing George Kamitani’s beautiful artwork.   I’m not expecting to see this painted until next year at the earliest, but with ALTER behind it I know it’s going to be amazing, even though we won’t get it until LATER.  Also, I’m hoping the USD/JPY ratio stays good because I can see this fig easily going for 10k or more after discounts, but even still it is a day one pre-order.  I might even buy two and just stash one away to resell when it inevitably doubles in value.

2) GSC – Hatsune Miku – Greatest Idol


Vocaloid producer Mithie M’s Miku is, in my opinion, the best most realistic sounding Miku.  This figure based on the album art for The Greatest Idol, was something I have been a long time wishing might happen but there was never any indication that it would turn into a real thing.  I mean, I guess I could have assumed that any and all prominent Miku artworks would receive figures just based on the sheer number of Miku figures that come out each year, but still it is a pleasant surprise that it is happening and that GSC is producing it.  I already have the over sized special edition cover framed over one of my display shelves, so I’m not 100% certain that i’ll buy the figure, but depending on the price and release date it is a good possibility.

3) Alter – Velvet and Cornelius


Another beautiful figure from Alter, based on Velvet from Odin Sphere.  The only thing more improbable than Velvet’s boobs and butt pose is the aftermarket price that this figure will eventually command.  It is really unfortunate that there seems to be no direction from which Velvet and Cornelius are both fully visible, but otherwise it’s a stunning figure with an incredible paint job and really dynamic posing.  I already have Yamato’s Velvet and I’m really quite happy with it even if it is approaching boundaries of acceptable lewdness in my collection, but I think I might have to double dip and pick this one up as well.  At the very least she’ll be more in scale with Alter’s Gwendolyn and also the upcoming Mercedes re-release.

4) Kotobukiya – Bishoujo Poison


Yamato’s poison is long sold out and regularly commands 20k prices when it is available pre-owned, so having given up on getting that amazing looking fig I’ll settle for Koto’s Bishoujo Poison.  My only experience with the Bishoujo line so far is their Jubilee fig, which I bought based on the sculpt even though I don’t really give a shit about X-Men, and I have to say that I’m very impressed for the price.  I haven’t really given much though to the other Street Fighter Bishoujo figs, but Sakura’s upcoming fig has me interested and based on price and the fact that they tend to increase rapidly in value once they sell out, I’ll  be getting Poison to go along with her.  It helps that she didn’t get the horrible Gerber baby face that so many other Bishoujo figs wind up with, and I like that she can be displayed with a hand cuff instead of her little baton thing. Overall it’s a nice looking figure for one of my favorite Capcom character designs. I’m still on the fence about Chun-Li and Cammy, but maybe once I start down this whole SF Bishoujo thing it’ll just be inevitable to get them all.

5) Max Factory – Sorceress


So this WonFes we get a paint job for the Sorceress that was revealed during the winter show, and she looks amazing. The blending on her dress and hair looks great, and her playful pose and winking expression are far superior to Megahouse’s and Orchid Seed’s, both of which look pretty trashy in my opinion.  The base is quite nice too.  This one is a 100% buy for me. I really hope Max Factory produces figs for Elf and Amazon as well, since the Megahouse ones didn’t do much for me either.

6)  Max Factory – Rin Kagamine Tony Ver. 

Kagamine Rin

I was excited about this when it was announced because I have both the TonyVer. Miku and Luka, but somethign about the face looks not quite right.  I’m going to have to see the final paint job and the price before I make up my mind about this one. It’s just not doing much for me.

7)  Kotobukiya – Monogatari Second Series Shinobu


How much Shinobu is too much Shinobu? Well even though this one looks great (they all look great!) I think I’ve hit my limit with Koto’s previous Shinobu which was quite nice and the superlative GSC Shinobu, which eclipses every other figure of her in its sheer Shinobu-ness.  I may just be burning out on the whole loli-vampire-donut-lover thing, which comes as a shock even to me.  Maybe it has something to do with the amazing looking Kiss-Shot figure coming out for Kizumonogatari. Still, Shinobu has got to get hers on my list of great WonFes figs, and really I think it’s a super cute figure but it just isn’t bringing enough new elements to the character to warrant a purchase from me. My tune might change once I see the price, but for now I think I’ll be passing. Love the cruller shaped bean bag chair though.


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