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Nintendo Direct – Year of Luigi

There was a new Nintendo Direct today, and although it wasn’t as epic as the last one, there were still a lot of exciting announcements.  Also unlike last time, there were more concrete release dates, especially for the 3DS.  One has to wonder if Nintendo is going into panic mode a little, with last week’s bad Wii U news concerning Rayman Legends and also next week’s hotly anticipated PS4  reveal.  They’re breaking out the big guns now, and if you’re Nintendo, that means releasing a TON of Mario games.  Well, Luigi games. Year of Luigi, right? Oh, also Animal Crossing New Leaf finally has a release date. Let’s see what’s coming out:


First up, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) March 24th 2013

Miyamoto came out to talk about Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS a bit. This game looks kind of rad, actually.  I have no prior experience with Luigi’s Mansion, having not played the only other installment in the series on Game Cube.   I owned a Game Cube, but didn’t play many games on it. That was a dark period in my life where I was heavily into PC gaming. Now that I’ve come back to the light, I’m definitely tempted by Dark Moon.   I’ve played a lot of Mario 3D Land recently, and Dark Moon’s environments and perspective are highly reminiscent of some of the stages in that game.  3D Land is a wonderful game and a joy to look at, so it seems like the 3DS might be the perfect platform for a game like Dark Moon.  It’ll also be nice to play a Mario game that’s not a platformer.  Anyway, this wasn’t really on my radar before, but after seeing some video of it I have to admit it looks pretty sweet, especially some of the puzzle mechanics they showed. Oh, and online multiplayer seems like a great addition as well.


Mario and Luigi Dream Team (3DS) Q3 2013

Next up is Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.  This is going to be an RPG that takes place entirely within Luigi’s dreams. The image above shows mario riding on a human tower of Luigi’s.   Words fail me.  I don’t even… What is this? It’s awesome, is what it is.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of this title. It looks like it’ll be pretty varied in terms of game mechanics, and obviously there will be a lot of the humor that the series is known for.  Again, it’s nice to see a Mario game that’s not a straight platformer.


Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS) Q3 2013

Lastly we have Mario Golf: World Tour, due to come out this summer.  Wait a minute, that’s not a Luigi game at all! Luigi’s in it at least, as are a bunch of other Mario staples.  Again, not to sound like a broken record, but it’s nice to see a Mario game that’s not a platformer. I was beginning to worry that after New Super Mario Bros, New Super Mario Bros 2, and New Super Mario U (see I’m not kidding) that Nintendo was fresh out of ideas for good Mario games. It turns out they were just saving them for the title bout. They’re going to be competing against all the crazy E3 promises that Microsoft and Sony can dream up for their new consoles this summer, so it’s no surprise that their lineup for the rest of the year is starting to look amazing. This game is being developed by Camelot, who worked on the N64 Mario Golf game, so it’s in good hands.

Other non-Luigi related news of interest

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo hits the Wii U eShop 2/21
  • Free Fire Emblem DLC stops being free 3/6
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf release date: 6/9
  • HarmoKnight, a rhythm game from Pokemon creators GameFreak coming to 3DS eShop 3/28
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns coming for 3DS on eShop (check out the trailer)
  • Deluxe Digital Promotion for Wii U
  • 3DS XL Free Game Promotion



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