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News GaiDen 3/23/13 HD Remix

Welcome to another fabulous edition of News GaiDen.  This week, some of the stories that ran as just rumors a few weeks ago are apparently coming true, so it seems like our bullshit detector is functioning flawlessly.  That said, you will enjoy this weeks news! Here it is:

Final Fantasy X-2 HD remix confirmed

Source: Jump via Gematsu

No longer just a rumor, the story we reported on a few weeks back is coming to fruition.  Yes, Final Fantasy X-2 will be coming along for the HD ride with Final Fantasy X.  I played X many years ago and really enjoyed it, but never got too into X-2.  Having recently slogged through XIII, I’m ready to step away from the ledge and back towards a safer Final Fantasy, at least until Lightning Returns comes out.  Both games will be coming to a single $40 disc for the PS3, or will be available individually for download on the Vita, presumably at $20 each.  I’m glad that square is revisiting some of their more recent Final Fantasy catalog in this way, and am hoping they eventually give Final Fantasy 12 the HD treatement, as that is one I never got a chance to play on the PS2.

Compile Heart looking to bring more games overseas.

Source: Siliconera

Compile Heart is looking to localize a titles to the US, and while dungeon crawler Holy Sorcerer Story looks like it might have a chance, the frankly weird monster-girl-rubbing card-battling game Monster Monpiece will probably remain import only.  I’m not just saying that to be all, “Japan, you so crazy!” I’ve been playing it, and Monster Monpiece has a snowball’s chance in hell of being picked up by a North American publisher.  If it were to happen, though, NIS America would probably be the best bet.  Anyway, stay tuned to the site for an upcoming post all about my experience with this strangely endearing import title.

 Atelier Totori Plus gets stealth PSN release

Source: Japanator

People are always complaining about how the Vita doesn’t get any games. Maybe the issue isn’t so much that there aren’t a ton of great Vita games, but that nobody (even the publisher) is talking about them! I’m not familiar with the Atelier series, but you’d think that Tecmo Koei might be more interested in promoting their own releases, especially considering that Atelier Ayesha just came out on PS3 here in North America this month.  I always find it fascinating when publishers send games out to die like this.  It is hard to understand the motivation, and sometimes they’re even really great games like Grasshopper Manufacture’s Shadow’s of the Damned, which was published in North America with absolutely no support from publisher EA.  I know that Ateleir is a niche series, but c’mon TK, make an effort for the developer’s sake at least.

The Phantom Pain definitely a Kojima Production

Source: Twitter via NeoGAF

There was never a doubt, really, but now it’s pretty much confirmed that The Phantom Pain is a Hideo Kojima game.  A recent Kojima tweet revealed a file name containing the letters “TPP” for a trailer to be shown during his upcoming GDC talk about the FOX Engine.  It has been painfully obvious that The Phantom Pain was a Metal Gear game ever since the first trailer was shown back at last year’s Spike VGAs, but I guess we’ll have to play along for another few days until Kojima’s Presentation.  The one big question that remains unanswered is how this game is related to Ground Zeroes, another presumptive in the works Metal Gear title.  Are they the same game? Is the Phantom Pain the prologue sequence or a chapter title for Ground Zeroes, or vice versa? Are both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain just different parts of Metal Gear Solid V?  Will Metal Gear Solid V be a 2-part game? Kojima has mentioned that he would have love to make movies if he wasn’t making games, so would it be so strange for a single game to come out as multiple releases the way some recent films have?  This kind of speculation can go on endlessly, so better just to wait and see what Kojima has to say at GDC.

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