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News GaiDen 2/16/13

Welcome to another edition of News GaiDen, where you will get all this week’s best game news all in one place. This is the stuff that matters, happening all at once for your convenience, so sit back and enjoy.

Fire Emblem Awakening Still Sold Out Everywhere

Source: NeoGaf

Fire Emblem Awakening, the hotly reviewed latest entry in the Fire Emblem series, is still sold out at many retail locations. According to NeoGaf users, it’s finally starting to ship from, but many people still have trouble finding this game in stores. I got a copy recently at my local GameStop, but even there the staff member told me they wouldn’t have copies aside from preorders for up to two weeks. One has to wonder if Nintendo deliberately shorted retail outlets on physical copies in order to push their own eShop sales for this game.

Last Guardian Still In Development

Source: Twitter

Fumito Ueda has confirmed that he is still working on The Last Guardian, despite having left Sony. The game has been in development for years now, having developed a bit of a reputation as possible vaporware. Nonetheless, it seems to still be in development, though it’s unclear as to whether or not it will see release on PS3 or be pushed back to be a PS4 title.  I’m curious to see whether or not this game will factor into Sony’s upcoming February 20th PS4 reveal.  At this point, any news is better than none, so it’s reassuring to know that this game is still being actively developed. All I know is that I want it.

Class of Heroes 2 coming to PSP

Source: Twitter

Class of Heroes II will be receiving a physical release on PSP of all platforms, thanks to a successful sign-up drive by Gaijinworks.  Despite having failed to generate enough orders on Kickstarter for a physical release, Gaijinworks has confirmed enough support to produce a physical release of the game via an independant sign-up campaing.  This is great news for fans of hardcore dungeon crawling JRPGs, and also collectors who will be able to get there hands on this UMD release that is sure to be rare.  As an added bonus, everyone who orders a physical copy will receive a download code as well, which is absolutely the best way to handle physical releases of niche games in the future so far as I’m concerned.

Year of Luigi – New Nintendo Direct

This week saw a new Nintendo Direct, with Saturo Iwata declaring 2013 to be the Year of Luigi. Check out our recap here.

Dead Or Alive 5 Patch 1.03 Released

Source: Siliconera

If you’ve been following News GaiDen for the past few weeks, you’ll have undoubtedly have noticed a strong interest in Team Ninja news. Despite their reputation as gross womanizing misogynists, I have a strong affection for their titles. This week sees a patch for DoA5, which I reviewed recently on the site.  Check it out! It’s good to see them continuing to support this game long after release, and it makes sense, considering the upcoming release of DoA5 Plus on the Vita which will feature cross-platform play with the PS3 version of the game.

Fantasy Life Localizations

Source: My Nintendo News

According to the official Nintendo Magazine, Fantasy Life will be coming to Australia and New Zealand sometime in 2013. Though there are no official release dates for any region outside of Japan, this news bodes well for gamers who have been waiting for Fantasy Life news.  Nintendo seems to be pushing the 3DS as their leading platform right now, and based on Iwata’s claim to be working on localizing 10 titles for North American releases during a recent Nintendo Direct, it makes sense that this Level 5 title would make it stateside.

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