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Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Christian


Gaiden – E3 Alchemy

E3 is just around the corner and sure enough this week there is some interesting E3 related news and more, so here we go.

Nintendo reveals list of E3 Best Buy demo locations

Source: Best Buy

Nintendo is pulling some non-traditional maneuvers at this year’s E3.  They’re no strangers to speaking directly at their audience, as evidenced by the quality and regularity of their Nintendo Direct broadcasts, so it shouldn’t be THAT surprising, but this year they’re bringing the E3 demos directly to the people with the help of Best Buy.  On June 12th from 4pm-8pm, and June 15 from 1pm-5pm, participating Best Buy locations around North America will have playable demos of games Nintendo will be revealing at E3.  I think it’s pretty awesome for them to do this for their fans, and with the Syracuse NY Best Buy less than an hour away for me I might just drive up and check out the games on show.  There’s no indication yet what games will be available to demo, but this will probably be made clear during the special E3 Nintendo Direct that is being held in lieu of a traditional press conference on June 11th.  I have my fingers crossed for Bayonetta 2… Check the above link to find a location near you.

Tecmo Koei announce their E3 lineup

Source: Gematsu

Tecmo Koei annoucne a bunch of games to be shown at E3, including the multiplayer monster hunter inspired Toukiden (PS Vita), Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (360/PS3), Team Ninja and Keiji Inafune collaboration Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3/360), and Atelier Meruru Plus (PS Vita).  I’m excited to see the Vita getting some love from TK, though I’m ready to be dissapointed that another Atelier game will  probably show up as downloadable only.  With PS Vita memory cards still around the $80-90 price point for a measly 32gb, and also my existing distaste for digital download games at full retail equivalent prices ($40), this game will probably linger just in the periphery of my interest the way that Atelier Totori Plus has.  Toukiden looks and sounds very interesting, though I still have a lot of work to do before I’m done with MH3U and have barely even touched Soul Sacrifice, so I’m not sure it’ll find a place in my home.  It is pretty hard not to get excited about Yaiba, however, with Team Ninja and Inafune at the helm it should be a top notch character action title.  Hopefully it’ll make some waves at E3 in the midst of all the colossal next-gen console announcements.

Project X Zone demo comes to North America next week

Source: Siliconera

I wrote a bit about this last week, but it’s nice to not feel left out anymore.  The demo will hit the 3DS eShop on June 4th.  I’m looking forward to it.

Free Dragon’s Crown DLC for early adopters

Source: Atlus

I just got this email from Atlus detailing their one month promotion for upcoming beat-em-up Dragon’s Crown.  Narrator DLC that allows players to change the narrator’s voice to that of any of the 6 playable characters will be available as a free download for one month after release.  Dragon’s crown is coming to the PS3 and Vita on August 8th, and is the hot on the heels of another Vanillaware game (Muramasa Rebirth) which comes to the Vita June 25th.  I’m looking forward to an awesome summer of beautiful games from George Kamitani and his team.



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