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Published on February 18th, 2014 | by Christian


Figure Lust – Winter WonFes Edition

So I’ve been meaning to start doing some blog posts about the wallet-crushing progression of my figure collecting hobby, but have been lazy about testing out my light-box and photography setup, so while that whole thing is still cooking I thought maybe it would do to at least highlight a few of the figs I’m excited about that came out of Wonder Festival last week in a post partly inspired by Anne’s over at Chic Pixel.  Going into WonFes, I was expecting a deluge of Kill la Kill figs and hoping (some might say screaming) for a torrent of Persona 3 figs, but instead what I got was a lot of Figmas.  Had I been told this beforehand I would have said, “pffff I’m mostly into scaled figs now anyway,” which is still true, but still I can’t help but be excited about these upcoming figs.

 Ryuko Matoi Figma – Max Factory

First a posable figure of Ryuko Matoi wearing Senketsu from Kill la Kill! Exciting! I am not  thrilled about the upcoming 1/8 scale figure from Phat Company, being not at all familiar with the quality of their figures and also not a huge fan of the pose.  Honestly it’s also little lewd for my scaled fig collection… I have a little more tolerance for ridiculously skimpy outfits on the smaller scale figmas which tend to have a cuter more cartoony feel about them, but scaled figs take up so much more room in a display and draw more attention so I’m trying to keep it clean and not open the ecchi fig floodgates.  Also announced but not shown was a Satsuki Kiryuin figma, which I assume will be awesome as well.  I’m looking forward to adding both to my collection.

Motoko Kusanagi Figma – Max Factory 


Since I started collecting figs last year I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll probably never own this 1/7 Scale Motoko that came out a couple of years back and is still the best rendition of The Major as she appears in Stand Alone Complex.  That ship sailed long ago, but as a fan it’s some solace that such a popular character at least continues to get steady releases like this upcoming Figma from Max Factory.  While the only accessory shown so far is a sweet replacement hand gripping a compact handgun, this character has a lot of potential for cool extras that should make for some dynamic display possibilities. I’m really looking forward to adding her to my collection so she can keep fellow robot-girl Aigis company among all the vocaloids.

It wasn’t all Figmas though, some scaled figs caught my eye as well:

Labrys – Alter


Here’s a fig I’m conflicted about.  Let’s see: Persona, robot girl, so far so good – wait 1/8th scale?!?  It was almost perfect! I would have happily bought up another Alter Persona fig to display next to their incredible 1/6 scale Aegis, but alas it’s not meant to be.  This still looks like an incredible figure though, so I’ll be keeping an eye open for when preorders go up. Maybe I’ll unwrap my copy of P4A between now and then to see what Labrys is all about.

Cordelia – Max Factory 


Max Factory teased a followup to their upcoming 1/7 scale Tharja with this image of Cordelia.  I’m not sure if this art is indicative of what the pose of the final product is going to be like, but if it turns out anything like Tharja we can be sure that it’ll be pretty provocative.  It seems like Nintendo has given Max Factory carte blanche to interpret the ladies of Fire Emblem: Awakening as they see fit, which is just fantastic for fans of the series and bishoujo figs alike.  While I would have preferred a Sumia or Noire (*sigh* never going to happen) it’s at least a good sign that we’ll be seeing more from this series.  If this winds up being sculpted by the same artist- Shining Wizard @ Sawachika, I’ll be pre-ordering for sure. I have a few of his figs already and they’re great.

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