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Published on July 7th, 2013 | by Christian


Demon Gaze and Danganronpa – Vita Localizations Incoming

Source: Anime News Network

Looks like Demon Gaze and Danganronpa are both making their way to the West sometime in 2014.  Danganronpa is a remake of a 2010 PSP game that has been described as having gameplay similar to the Phoenix Wright series, except it’s about high schoolers trapped in a twisted battle to the death.  Demon Gaze is a classic dungeon crawler with strong character customization; maybe a Vita owner’s alternative to the wonderful Etrian Odyssey series on the 3DS.

So this is pretty exciting news for Vita owners when online discussions often come to the conclusion that it is a platform destined for failure because it has few games, is overpriced, and is plagued by expensive proprietary memory card requirements.  Only two of these things are objectively true.  First, the Vita seems extremely expensive, considering that in the US for just $50 more you could buy a PS3.  Second, the memory card prices are outrageous, with 32GB cards costing roughly $90 online.  Sony seems to have not learned from the PSP that people hate spending money on overpriced proprietary memory cards.  When a 32GB SD card can be had for less than $1/GB, it’s crazy that sony is charging roughly $3/GB for their cards.  Many Vita games are pusing 3GB in size, so anything less than a 16GB card just seems pointless, making this added price a huge barrier to entry for people considering the platform.

The high price of both the hardware and memory cards are definite issues for the Vita, but let it be known that the often heard “it has no games” complaint is complete bullshit.  It may not have any one killer app that appeals to everyone, but there are tons of great games between legit Vita releases (e.g. Persona 4 Golden, Project Diva f, Muramasa Rebirth, Gravity Rush) and access to much of the PSP library through PSN.  On top of the existing games, the announced localizations of games like Demon Gaze and Danganronpa suggest that the Vita might live on to fill a niche not unlike the PSP did, which is great news for people who love quirky handheld games that break the mold a bit.  Anyone who takes a serious look back at the PSP library will see that it had an amazing depth and variety of quality titles, so if the Vita can eventually have a library like that, I’ll be even more satisfied than I already am with the hardware.

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