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Conception II Demo – Make Babies Fight Monsters

I am no stranger to weird, upsetting games. In fact I love them. A weird upsetting game, in my mind, is better than 10 (yes I did the math) bland by-the-book games that elicit no emotion whatsoever. Even a fantastic, polished experience that manages to check all its genre-specific boxes and tops game of the year lists across the internet holds less appeal to me than a weird upsetting game. So, now that I’ve repeated myself four times, let me finally say that Conception II is definitely a weird game, and it will almost certainly upset a lot of people. I want to play more of it.

Conception II 1

Did someone say MAGICAL GIRLS?!?!

Conception II is a dungeon crawling RPG with magical girl themes and some dating sim elements. It’s basically Sailor Moon, and the protagonist is Tuxedo Mask, except that he is going to FUCK all of the Sailor Scouts, and their children will join the fight against Queen Beryl. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s okay, just know that in this game the protagonist is literally “God’s Gift.” For all intents and purposes this means that only he can create an energy field which allows him to fight monsters in their lairs, and so he has been given his pick of a harem of academy comrades with which to create star children and fight monsters with, much to the chagrin of his other male 2nd year academy classmates.

According to the game the process of creating star children, or “classmating” as it is called, is not sex at all. The star children are created through some religious ritual, the first of which is overseen by a perverted high priest no less, and are more like spirit totems that fight along side the characters than there actual children.  Sure… whatever. I can kind of admire how brazen the game is about its paper thin rationalization of these game mechanics.  It would actually be less outrageous if the characters were just out and out fucking and raising their children as child soldiers. That is basically old hat now with Fire Emblem: Awakening out for over a year already. However you look at it though, there is something unsavory about the core elements of this game’s setting, even if mechanically all they amount two is choosing which of 3 dialog events to go through every day. If those things are going to bother you, then just turn around and walk away. If not, I think there might be a cool RPG hidden under all the portmanteaus and double entendre.


The demo made a fair attempt to introduce me to a slew of game mechanics, but to be honest most of them just breezed over my head. Battles are turn-based affairs that take place on a grid, and you can change the positions of the protagonist and his lady companion, who operate as a single team, as well as a team of 3 star children. The game implied that at one point you might be controlling 3 teams of star children at once in addition to your protagonist and his lady friend, so that would make it your standard 4 unit JRPG party.  Each character or star child has three equipment slots and it looks like there is going to be a lot of room for customizing equipment, abilities, and teams of star children.  I might have misunderstood, but it seems like your star child teams will get different special attacks depending on which classes are in each team, and with what looked to be about 10 different classes I can imagine this getting pretty interesting.

The dungeon in the demo reminded me a lot of Tartarus in P3P, except  more linear and populated with enemies that just sort of mill about until you run into them to initiate combat.  There is also an abundance of chests to be pillaged, most of which contained healing and mana recovery items, but a few with new gear for your party.  It doesn’t look like it’ll be a loot-centric game like Diablo or anything, but opening chests and getting apparently random gear and items is nice.   The floor plans seemed rather bland considering they’re randomly generated, so if you’re expecting sprawling labyrinths akin to Etrian Odyssey, prepare to be disappointed.  All in all the actual dungeon crawling seemed pretty bare-bones, but I’m hopeful that there is some depth to the team building.

Conception II 3

Deep down it’s still a JRPG.

It’s just a little under 3 weeks away now, so if you’re at all intrigued I urge you to check out the demo and share your thoughts with me here or on twitter. Demo progress carries over to the full game, which for my limited gaming schedule was a big plus. Even if you don’t wind up buying it on April 15th, this weird upsetting game deserves a look.


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