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You might be asking, “what’s that!?” Well, I’ll tell you. Gaijin Densetsu is an independent website founded in 2013 by two dudes that love games, specifically Japanese developed games.  You see, we’ve noticed a shifting emphasis towards covering western developed games in the mainstream game press, and we love those games just as much as anyone, but it’s not our passion.

What that means, exactly, is writing articles (you might call them “reviews”) about the Japanese developed games we’ve played and also chiming in with our opinions on recent relevant news stories.  We’ll also have ongoing gameplay diaries for longer games as well as editorial pieces about trends and happenings in the game industry.  Eventually, once we get our capture equipment set up, you’ll probably be seeing some gameplay videos too, so stay tuned for that stuff.  What you probably won’t see here are regurgitated press releases and day one reviews for new AAA games, in fact, you probably won’t even see reviews for games that came out in the past month or even year.  We’re regular guys working day-time jobs in other fields, not full-time games journos cramming through 50 hour JRPGs to get a review to you as soon as the embargo is up.  The benefit of this is that we can play games the way the average gamer does, because that’s us!

Anyway, so who are we?  Right now, we’re just two guys.  Christian Abratte is a central New York based scientist and Peter Lam is a Los Angeles based assistant film editor.  We’ll be adding more content to the site on a regular basis, but would love to have some guest contributors, so if you’re interested in having your article on our site just email us at admin@gaijindensetsu.com.

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